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Our commitments for the Environment

As a manufacturer of materials for the culture of vegetables, CEP Agriculture makes the environmental protection one of its main objectives in implementing following measures :

-          Every new product is designed to maximize its robustness by minimizing the quantity of used plastics (all 100% recyclable).

-          80 % of our production is made from recycled materials (crushed and/or regenerated).

-          In accordance with REACH European directive guidelines, we do not use any dangerous substances in our production process.

-          All our black containers are manufactured with our production waste.

-          To minimize energy consumption, our activity tends to use hybrid press (50 % hydraulic and 50 % electric) allowing us to make important energy savings.

-          Our closed cooling water system contributes to protect the environment (no emission of cooling water in rivers).

-          Our industrial waste is sorted out according to their origin then entrusted to companies in charge of their treatment.

-          We submit our activity to a continuous assessment of waste emissions to mitigate the pollution’s risks.

-          We are controlled by a company aggregated in the environmental protection.

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