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Our commitments for the Environment

Environmental protection is a main priority for CEP and its staff:

  • Each new product is designed with robustness in mind as well as reducing the quantity of plastic materials used (100% recyclable).
  • Our products are packed in recyclable packaging.
  • We strictly respect the European chart REACH (European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use ).
  • We re-use all of our manufacturing waste (“GreenSpirit” range).


  • Our energy consumption is controlled and reduced wherever possible.
  • No discharge of cooling water in the rivers (closed cooling system).
  • We sort our industrial waste which is recycled by external professionals.
  • The risks of industrial pollution are minimized and are tightly controlled


The Carbon Impact of our products is very limited as:

  • our suppliers are located close to our factories,
  • our products are manufactured in France,
  • our geographical position is central within Europe.

CEP has ISO 9001 certification for the Quality of its organization and customer service and ISO 14001 for its engagements in protecting the Environment.


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