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Cep at a glance


First origins of the company: the CEP factory was located in an old paper mill, on the Durolle river in order to take advantage of the driving force of the strong water stream.


Creation of CEP company, linked to a specialty of the region of Thiers: the manufacture of knives. CEP produced knife handles with cattle and sheep horns (as well as combs, buttons, etc...). Rejects were crushed and sold as garden fertilizer. CEP was the abbreviation for “Cornes Engrais et Plastiques ” (Horns, Fertiliser and Plastic).


1948CEP showed interest in « plastic » (thermosetting): the Bakelite, created in 1909, which was cheaper with a more regular shape than horn.

First use of injected thermoplastics (polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS…).


First plastic desk accessory, (the “basket bin “Model 101)


Acquisition of the company by the current CEO, Géry DAMBRICOURT.


Acquisition of SRP and TPO, two local companies which were specialized in Cosmetics and Electronics.


Building of a new factory in the industrial area of Thiers – La Varenne (11 500 m²) and closure of the old sites.


Because of an increase in the development of its desk accessories business, a new factory was built in Saint-Rémy sur Durolle (10 km drive from Thiers.)


Creation of a new 4,700 m² warehouse adding storage facilities for Office Products


Creation of a new industrial unit, specialized in screen printing (desk mats).

CEP today

CEP is a family company with three factories throughout the Thiers region, employing 270 staff. It is a complete private company, managed since its rebirth in 1985, by its owner Géry Dambricourt.

The company is specialized uniquely in the technology of plastic injection.

All products are 100% made in France.

The Research and Development department is made up of highly-qualified technicians and engineers who use state-of-the-art computer equipment. A large number of CEP moulds are designed and created on site.

The CEP industrial site is composed of 60 presses from 30 to 900 tons.

CEP is made up of 3 factories, each specializing in one sector of activity:

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